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kali• Committed to structural progress and sustainable development
• Grounded on creativity and excellence
• Measured by results only... Read more


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message2   Development means sustainable human progress, otherwise any success is reversible. This is what I learnt in almost 10 years of PR practice leading the first local Integrated Communications firm in Albania. In a customer centered market trends are produced by those who bring in the products, not by those who show up to buy them. Even in Albania, being pro-active means to constantly aiming to drive demand. And we have shared this fundamental truth with our clients all the time, ...Read more

Investor Relations


In Spring 2011 COMPORT started the practice of Investor Relations as the company was mandated to regionally represent Galloner Investment Ltd and a Private Equity Fund based in Geneva. Earlier, COMPORT had signed a cooperation affiliate agreement with former FD of London (now FTI Consultants www.fticonsulting.com) – a global leading organization in the field of Investor Relations.
Our IR Dept. team includes experts from Investment Banking, Auditing and industry analysts. Read more


toni-albanA few days ago, the New York Times printed an intriguing article featuring Scott Howe, CEO of Axciom Corporation, and his decision to embark on a 'novel public relations strategy: openness.' The marketing technology company unveiled a free website where consumers in the United States can view some of the information collected about them.

The article goes on to explain how this decision also serves well the interests and reputation of the company. I must confess it is a delightful sensation to read, once in a while, how public relations can also be interpreted as a win-win activity... and not always at the expense of someone else. More importantly is how effective forms of public relations need always be relevant to the organization's core business. Read more...

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