My name is Leader, Improvement Leader

East London Foundation Trust believes that proper training and skills’ upgrade give to every staff member the opportunity to unfold a great professional personality and the shinning spirit of leadership. “All one needs is the right call and a tailored chance. The rest is Improvement”- says Dr. Amar Shah, Chief Quality Officer.

Since 2014, over 1000 people at ELFT have joined the Improvement Leaders Program (ILP) to develop their QI expertise and apply it to real life improvement work and projects across the trust. Wave 11 of the program concluded in April 2022. The next wave is due to commence in November 2022. “We expect so many people to register and join this Improvement Leader’s Program (ILP)”- Dr. Amar Shah says.

Lenna Adley, Peer Support Work at ELFT feels surprised how natural is to her and her colleagues now to embed Quality Improvement techniques in every workday. “We identify problems much earlier and easy than ever before and we walk towards smart solutions the same empowered way as a team now, thanks to ILP”- Lena says. Read more on her experience thanks to QI methodology and ILP…

“Choose your problem and solve it the smart way! Just bring it with at ILP and you’ll find all the answers – says Satwinder Kaur – a QI Coach with Lived Experience. Participants need approval from line managers and must be able to apply the learning to an active QI project. If this is your case – please apply at the form Linked here.


In a 6 months period, this 5-day course occurring monthly includes a mix of interactive teaching and action learning sets to guide participants to become skilled improvement leaders in the application of the Model for Improvement.  The venues of the Wave 12 course shall be in Luton and London. The dates and structure of the course are found below:


Dates – Wave 12 Improvement Leaders Programme  


ILP Wave 12​ 



Day 1​ 

11 November 2022​ 

Day 2​ 

1 December 2022​ 

Day 3​ 

11 January 2023​ 

Day 4​ 

22 February 2023​ 

Day 5​ 

 29 March 2023​ 


For any question please do not hesitate to write to [email protected] 


Improvement Leaders Wanted!