Local Partner for Global Players

COMPORT advises now clients who are developing projects worth up to $4 Bln in a wide range of sectors from Energy to Mining, Health Care and Pharmaceuticals, Banking and Finance, Tourism and Real Estate, etc.

Ideas and Strategies to Sustainable Development

Through its think tank, Albanian Institute of Public Relations -AIPR- COMPORT has provided its clients with many innovative solutions. Several projects and strategies involving regional development, sectorial perspective and institutional upgrade, designed by AIPR and COMPORT have been endorsed now from state institutions and donor organizations.

Public Affairs

COMPORT as a private company is a leader in Albania in the practice of Public Affairs, assisting state institutions to better meet their objectives and to improve their performance. From Public Diplomacy to Public Involvement in the policy making process, COMPORT proved to be a vital partner to the administration at both local and central level.

Grassroots Communication and Direct Marketing

No other company in Albania offers a workforce in the ground of 400 people, capable to reach to every human destination and skilled to communicate any sort of message. The Sociology Faculty of Tirana is our strength to carry our professionally any difficult mission of ground work