PR and Reputation Management

• COMPORT advises the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce;
• COMPORT assisted Donniana shpk to enhance its reputation while in the process of internationalizing its market. Publications on the client were enabled to several international media outlets incl. New York Times.
• COMPORT supported UPS to consolidate its reputation while the franchise contract was being negotiated and successfully taken over;

Media Relations
• COMPORT assists HP EB, HP PSG and HP IPG
• COMPORT assists Nokia Siemens Networks
• COMPORT assists Lufthansa Group (Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, etc)
• COMPORT assists IDB as a partner of the national conference on Foreign Investments in Albania
• COMPORT assisted The Economist Conferences to organize its "Business Roundtable with the Government of Albania" (consecutive events on 2006-2009)

Issues and Crisis Prevention/Management
• COMPORT advices the steel producer KURUM;
• COMPORT advices Japan Tobacco International – the second largest tobacco company in Albania, with full scale PR services incl. Corporate Affairs;
• COMPORT assisted Albanian Chrome ACR from 2007 – 2011 throughout the process of take over and development of its concession contract including largest national chrome mine and ferrochrome facilities sheltering over 800 employees.
• COMPORT advised the Albanian national Institute of Statistics (INSTAT) to draft and implement its crisis prevention communication strategy related to the Census of Population, amidst an increasing pressure to drop questions on self-declaration of nationality and religion

Internal Communication
• COMPORT developed models of internal communication and implemented them at facility/unit level while assisting Albanian Chrome ACR.
• COMPORT modeled a new internal communication model at Albanian Institute of Social Insurance, as an instrument to prevent corruption;
• On behalf of the WB, as member of a consortium, COMPORT designed an integrated model of communication flow, incl. internal communication at the Ministry of Justice and its depending agencies and general offices. The internet based system forecasted for the first time in Albania the implementation of intra-net and extra-net along with a restructured monitoring system of information flow and self generating reports on legal deadlines for the Public Information Office.

• COMPORT was part of the consortium hired by the WB to develop a Vulnerability Assessment and Mitigation Plan along the 178km of the Albania Riviera in the framework of "Integrated Development Program of Southern Coast of Albania".
• COMPORT was the first local company to develop Social and Economic Impact Analysis (SEIA) for two major energy related projects, such as a 150 MW installed hydropower generation on Devolli river cascade (Landsvirkjun) and a $2,9 Bln LNG facility and 1,200 MW power plant project (ASG Power SA);
• COMPORT was hired by ALBTELEKOM to develop a National Customer Satisfaction Survey on the eve of the privatization of the utility by the Government.

Public Affairs
• COMPORT launched and developed in Albania the first PPP concepts assisting Parsons Brinckerhoff – Brussels Office to enter the market.
• COMPORT advised the Ministry of Labor to design, pilot and implement a new model of social assistance distribution. COMPORT also drafted the services' upgrade strategy of the National Social Security Institute.
• COMPORT developed and introduced in the market the concept of Social Business, built its marketing framework and assisted YAPS (a UNICEF sponsored social business enterprise) to enter the market;
• COMPORT advised the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Sports on the national branding and territorial marketing, while a series of projects - along with AIPR - have been initiated and endorsed by international donor organizations for the sustainable development of tourism, especially in the remote poor areas of the country.

• COMPORT drafted the legal analysis and the juridical precedent in the case of Albana Vokshi (MP) vs. Erion Brace (MP) and Saimir Tahiri (MP). This is the first court case in Albania won by Mrs. Vokshi who sued her colleagues at the parliament for damages of image produced by using the media as a vehicle. The legal office who presented the case was led by attorney at law Isuf Shehu.
• COMPORT served ASG Power SA with advice and a number of communications, including media products that were designed to avoid the aggravation of a specific situation, which would have led the company to sue one of key stakeholders.

• COMPORT assisted EBRD to launch its TAM-BAS Program
• Hired by the WB, COMPORT organized numerous events in the framework of the Water and Wastewater Facility Project in five pilot towns in Albania.
• COMPORT served the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce to complete their yearly events;
• COMPORT assisted the commune of Rahovec (Kosove) to launch and develop a regular yearly fair of traditional agro-products;

Social Marketing
• COMPORT was the first local company to implement Social Marketing practices with UNOPS in support of the Albanian Labor Market. In this process we were also the first to implement Grassroots Communications. COMPORT initiated the practice of the Labor Fair in Albania on 2005.
• COMPORT was hired by the WB to develop the social ground for a successful transfer of ownership of water utilities from central to local governments. COMPORT modeled the establishment of Water Consumer Associations and launched them in five pilot towns incl. capital Tirana. COMPORT also prepared the necessary protocols and other legal requirements to enable a balanced three party management system between LGU, the public and utility directorates.
• COMPORT advised the Albanian Life Quality Union to build its communication strategy and to fully implement it. Today the organization has a network of about 40 member associations and a volunteers' base of 12,000 people.

• COMPORT was appointed by TAM-BAS Program (EBRD) to assist a number of local clients who were approved for technical assistance in market research, marketing, communication and other related services;
• COMPORT was hired by the WB to design along with an appointed senior advisor of the Bank the Marketing Strategy for the Durres Port Authority and to produce an interactive CD with the promotional materials according to the Strategy.
• COMPORT designed the first Time Share Model of real estate development in Albania in the framework of an investment in tourism facilities, completing the market research, business planning and marketing plan.
• COMPORT has designed (in terms of market research and marketing plan) several Thematic Parks in Albania on behalf of both private and public clients who are trying to develop their real estate projects. Some of these clients are being assisted now by Investor Relations dept.
• COMPORT has assisted a number of major Albanian companies to develop their products and to market them. Among these clients there are Deka- Olim (AM Group), Mobitel (Veve Group), PEKOMERI, EDAL Group, SHAGA, Rogat Security, ALSIG Security, Miell Tirana, etc.