Message of CEO

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Development means sustainable human progress, otherwise any success is reversible. This is what I learnt in almost 10 years of PR practice leading the first local Integrated Communications firm in Albania. In a customer centered market trends are produced by those who bring in the products, not by those who show up to buy them. Even in Albania, being pro-active means to constantly aiming to drive demand. And we have shared this fundamental truth with our clients all the time, both in Albania and Kosovo.
Communication is a daily activity which is grounded on trust the same way banking is. Communication is the core of a brand, the virtue of a service, the essence of a relation, the spirit of a network. It is all of these together and even something more. It's a human commitment, it's a team logic turned into actions, products, results and joint success. Out of a win-win concept, there is no space for professional PR.
We have done our mistakes too. Almost ten years later we know hundreds of ways that should not be followed, tens of solutions that would now work out in defined circumstances. We know what we did wrong. We learnt from our mistakes and we grew stronger working hand in hand with clients that supported our responsible and accountable attitude.
COMPORT has entered now in a new age, where half of our clients are high tech global players and the other half is regional market leaders. For a decade I defined our strategic goal as "Marching towards Quality". Now we have improved it: "We should serve the market as a benchmarking model for Quality".
Performance, Accountability, Satisfaction and professionally self-convincing results! This is what we strive for. This is the reason we shall continue to be there for a second decade as pioneers of a beautiful dream, which is shared thanks to the magic of communication.